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        Welcome to Jiangsu Victory Chemical Co., Ltd.!
        Jiangsu Victory Chemical Co., Ltd.
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        Jiangsu Victory Chemical Co., Ltd. (thereafter Victory) was founded in 2010. It's R&D (Research and Development) center and manufacturing site is located in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu province, China, a strategic transportation hub in east China.

        "Technological Innovation, and Quality" is our business philosophy from the beginning. With independent  R&D, we mainly specialize in solution and customization of phosphate products, having annual output of 8,000 MT (metric tons), 80% of which are for export. We have established cooperative relationships with renowned universities of China, and jointly set up product R & D center many years ago. We strictly abide by ISO9001, and employ most advanced analytical instruments to ensure the stable and consistent quality of each product.

        Large scale of production capacity

      1. Total annual output of 8,000 MT of Phosphate products
      2. 80% export
      3. Strict Quality Control

      4. Strong technical support, knowledgeable technical workforce, advanced equipment and reliable test method.
      5. Recognized by customers from both domestic and foreign countries.
      6. The combination of innovative technology, advanced equipment, effective business management and prompt services add tremendous value to our customers.
      7. Strong technical workforce

      8. Partner with renowned universities in China for R&D and set up an R&D center.
      9. Professional and experienced workforce for Phosphate products.
      10. Strictly implement ISO9001.
      11. Strong Technical Support

      12. Free pre-sales consultation by seasoned chemical professionals.
      13. Timely follow up through entire sales process.
      14. Transparent end to end customer service and supply chain for on-time delivery.
      15. News update [MORE]

        News update [MORE]

        News update

        News update

        News update

        Tel: +86-512-58998900   
                +86-512-58998988       JENNY +86-13962282608  
                +86-512-58998916       JOCELYN +86-15962366193  
        Fax: +86-512-58998958        E-Mail: sales@victory-chem.com
        E-mail ID: @victory-chem.com PW:
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